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  1. Steinar Tangen

    Thank you for this very interesting information! I am not a relative, but I was a neighbor of Gudrun Zenses-Knudsen in Oslo. I was born in 1947 so I have only wage memories of her, but my brother (82) remembers her well as the most elegant and beautiful lady in the neighborhood.
    As a boy I was collecting stamps so she gave me 2 envelopes with stamps on. Gudrun was a friend of my mother and she gave her once an iron Christmas tree holder. It must be about seventy years old or more from Norway, Austria or Germany I am not sure.
    I have found some info that she died in 1964 in Oslo but I cannot find anything in Norwegian newspaper Archive from then about her death. She had a very interesting life!

    best regards
    Steinar Tangen.

  2. Elke Dopp

    Hello Steinar, I am Elke Dopp and Gudrun is my grandmothers (Sigrid) sister. I know, that Gudrun had a daughter (Ingrid). Do you know something about her? We also know that Gudrun got divorced. Do you know if she got married again?
    Thanks a lot for your message! Kind regards. Elke

  3. Steinar Tangen

    Hello Elke , I sent a Mail to Knut Olaf on the 27.5. I trust this was received well. I have discussed this With my Brother again and he is quite sure that Gudrun was staying With a friend in my neighborhood. But there is no proof of this because there is no address list for the years 1942 and 1943, only for 1940-1941 and 1944-1945 during the war.
    best regards

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